North Fork Eel River

Federal officials recently identified the North Fork Eel River as essential for the recovery of threatened salmon and steelhead. The river canyon supports diverse habitat for several sensitive, threatened, and endangered species, including Peregrine falcon. Offering class II-V whitewater boating opportunities, the river flows through the North Fork Wilderness – one of the most remote and least visited wild areas in the region. The North Fork is recommended for protection by the Forest Service.


Management Agency: U.S. Forest Service ~ Six Rivers National Forest, Mendocino National Forest
Bureau of Land Management ~ Arcata Field Office

Location: Trinity & Mendocino Counties, CA 2nd Congressional District

Watershed: Upper Eel River

Proposed Wild & Scenic River Miles:  14.3 Miles

Outstanding Values: Anadromous fisheries, ecological, wildlife, cultural, scenery, recreation