Write a Support Letter

Click here to download printable instruction document

by writing a letter to Congressman Jared Huffman

Let Congressman Huffman know that you support his proposal to protect and restore our region’s best wild public lands and rivers in Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity and Del Norte Counties.

If you don’t have business letterhead you can just put your name, address and phone number as in the example below.

Ideas of what to include:

  • What county / town you live in (if you live out of the area, talk about visiting the area)
  • What business you own or public roles you participate in (also see #2)
  • Why you love our region
  • Describe your favorite places – Protected Wilderness Areas or Potential Wilderness Areas that you’ve been to and why you love them
  • Why it’s important that we protect our most spectacular wild lands and rivers
  • Let Congressman Huffman know that you support his proposal that would protect and restore our region’s best wild public lands and rivers

Whether you’re a business owner, a chamber member, a current or former elected official, a community volunteer, a parent, a teacher or any other role in your community, please include this in the content of your letter and add any titles under your signature.

To make the biggest impression on the Congressman and his staff, we will deliver all letters to him at one time. Please either email your letter to info@mountainsandrivers.org or sign it and send via US Mail to Jeff Morris PO Box 445 Weaverville, CA 96093.

See below for sample letter


Your name
Your address
Your phone number / email
The Honorable Jared Huffman
U.S. House of Representatives
317 Third Street, Suite 1
Eureka, CA 95501

(while your letter needs to be addressed to Congressman Huffman, PLEASE email it to info@mountainsandrivers.org instead of mailing, so we can compile them to give to the Congressman – thank you!)

Dear Congressman Huffman,

Thank you for your hard work in our region (protecting public lands, support for our local recreation economy, protecting our water resources and fisheries…). We are fortunate to have a Congressman who represents us so well in Washington DC.

I’m writing to express my support for the continued protection of our public lands (special wild places, biologically important places, unique watersheds and rivers…).

Because of my role as (a local business owner, an elected official, a parent, a biologist…), I see the benefits of these protected places because of the (economic benefits to our community, physical well-being of people who enjoy these places, critical protection of species in these unique areas, their importance in our communities’ overall health…).

The (Trinity Alps Wilderness, Siskiyou Wilderness, Kelsey Trail, Canyon Creek watershed…) is important to me because (I’ve always loved that place, I take my children there, it brings fishermen to the area that support our local businesses, local outfitters get hired, it heightens awareness of our important tourist economy…).

We need to not only protect the last of our pristine places with wilderness designations, but we also need to restore our watersheds, protect our fish populations, and manage the landscape for fire after years of fire suppression. Our public lands have many different needs, and I encourage you to address as many of these needs as possible.

This is why I am writing to express my support for your draft legislation that restores and revitalizes degraded forests and watersheds, permanently conserves ecologically signifat areas through the designation of Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers, expands recreation opportunities and enhances local communities.

Thank you again for (all of your hard work representing our region, being a strong voice for our region, continuing your hard work for our region…).


Your name

Your title, list any other previous titles (Boards of Directors, former elected official, current community roles, county of residence)