Eden Creek

These proposed Wild and Scenic Rivers in the upper Eel River watershed provide important habitat for threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead, as well as wildlife dependent on old growth forests. They also provide outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Eden Creek flows through an unprotected roadless area to its confluence with Elk Creek. The stream is rich in cultural values. Federal officials identified the creek as essential for the recovery of threatened Chinook salmon and steelhead. The drainage also provides Peregrine falcon habitat.

Management Agency: U.S. Forest Service ~ Six Rivers National Forest, Mendocino National Forest
Bureau of Land Management ~ Arcata Field Office

Location: Trinity & Mendocino Counties, CA 2nd Congressional District

Watershed: Upper Eel River

Wild & Scenic River Miles:  2.7 Miles

Outstanding Values: Anadromous fisheries, ecological, wildlife, cultural, scenery, recreation