Bear Creek

Bear Creek and its tributaries drain the eastside of the magnificent King Range. They provide suitable habitat for coho salmon and steelhead, as well as old growth forests for northern spotted owl. Federal officials recently identified the creek as essential for the recovery of threatened salmon and steelhead. Significant historic and prehistoric sites are located along the stream and a rare lichen grows there. Campgrounds popular with King Range visitors are located along Bear Creek, which is also the route of the popular Paradise Royale mountain bike trail.

The proposed Wild and Scenic Rivers flow from the King Range National Conservation Area and Wilderness, providing important habitat for endangered salmon and steelhead, as well as rare plants. These streams also provide nationally significant outdoor recreation opportunities.

Bear Creek is recommended for protection by the BLM.  11 miles of Bear Creek are proposed for Wild & Scenic designation.

Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management ~ King Range National Conservation Area
BLM Arcata Field Office

Location: Humboldt County, CA 2nd Congressional District

Watershed: Mattole River

Proposed Wild & Scenic River Miles: 11 miles

Outstanding Values: Anadromous fisheries, wildlife, botanical, scenery, recreation