Mad River Buttes Proposed Wilderness

Mad River Buttes

This small yet ecologically diverse proposed wilderness encompasses the headwaters of Redwood Creek, a critical salmon and steelhead trout stream that eventually flows into Redwood National Park to the north.

Redwood Creek flows off of the north-face of this ridge, while Bug Creek (an important tributary of the Mad River to the south) flows from its southern slopes. Large meadows grace the region, offering breathtaking wildflower displays in early summer.

Ancient forests of pine and fir cover much of the area, as do outstanding groves of black oaks. These diverse habitats provide homes for a large number of wildlife species, including the northern spotted owl, goshawk, Pacific fisher, pine marten, Pacific giant salamander, prairie falcon, pileated woodpecker, and Roosevelt elk among others. Unique plant communities are also formed by “serpentine barrens,” places where soil conditions are so poor that only highly specialized plants can survive.

MRiverElkThis is the closest proposed wilderness to the greater Humboldt Bay area, thus making it an excellent destination for day-visits from Humboldt County. The Bug Creek Trail provides access to the area and offers views to the King Range, Trinity Alps, Mount Shasta, Yolla Bollys and beyond.